About Digital Communication Network
Digital Communication Network is an international association connecting professionals of the digital age from a variety of backgrounds, in order to generate ideas, tools, and products for media outlets, civil society organizations, businesses, and public authorities.
OF 2000 PROFESSIONALS from over 30 countries in Europe & Central Asia
Our Activities
  • Cross-country and cross-sector projects within network
  • Professional exchange programs in the region and the USA
  • Camps, trainings, hackathons, networking events
  • Developing digital tools, media products, and educational materials

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Our team
Nino macharashvili
Nino Macharashvili
President @ DigiComNet
Artur gurau
Artur Gurau
Vice President @ DigiComNet
Olga chyzhova
Olga Chyzhova
Vice President @ DigiComNet
Triin mahlakoiv
Triin Mahlakõiv
Vice President @ DigiComNet
Ana kelbakiani
Ana Kelbakiani
Executive Manager @ DigiComNet
Anna tadevosyan
Anna Tadevosyan
Vice President for Membership @ DigiComNet