Future for Digital: Big Media, Big Changes
Gdansk, Poland, Apr 27, 2018
 pdfcee2018 dcn panel 7
Panel Discussion is co-organized by Digital Communication Network and ePaństwo Foundation within PDF CEE 2018

We are happy to invite to the panel on the digital future and the big media’s role in it. With great audience comes great responsibility, and it gets increasingly harder to remain credible with instant news, the army of trolls, and social media as competitors. Journalists from large international networks BBC (UK), Deutsche Welle (Germany), and Current Time (the joint project of Radio Free Europe and Voice of America) will discuss how their media are transforming due to new demands, and how they manage to keep up with people’s expectations. We will talk about social media, tackling false news, and going digital. Join us to learn how media giants change, and how they make sure you still trust them.
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