Digital Communication Network
is an international association connecting professionals of the digital age from a variety of backgrounds, in order to generate ideas, tools, and products for media outlets, civil society organizations, businesses and public authorities.
We are a network of 5000+ professionals from over 30 countries in Europe and Central Asia
In light of rising populism and authoritarianism worldwide, massive disinformation by oppressive regimes, censorship and electoral interference, digital technology increasingly becomes a primary instrument to empower alternative voices and ideas. We believe that technology is the vehicle for positive change and disruption.

Only cooperation of professional journalists, media enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, and civil activists could ensure a free flow of information, open internet, as well as transparency, accountability and civil society control over governments.


  • Cross-country and cross-sector projects within network
  • Professional exchange programs in the region and the USA
  • Camps, trainings, hackathons, networking events
  • Developing digital tools, media products and educational materials

December 17-17/2019,
Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria
Digital communicators from four continents gathered in Sofia to discuss how new communication technologies are changing the way we tell stories and package content!
October 18-19/2019,
Forum in Minsk, Belarus
Two-day event that will gather digital journalists, educators, civil society activists,
and representatives of international organizations.

The aim is to explore the solutions for enhancing media literacy in the Eastern European region and connect existing media literacy initiatives, share best practices.
September 6-7/2019,
Forum in Yerevan, Armenia
The Humor & Games for Social Good Forum is a two-day event and will focus on current trends and the latest developments in social impact influencer spaces, using humor and games, as tools for social causes.
Humor and Games for Social Good Forum | Armenia
The Humor & Games for Social Good Forum focused on current trends and the latest developments in social impact influencer spaces, using humor and games, as tools for social causes.
June 18-19/2019,
Forum in Budva, Montenegro
At a two-day event, digital marketers, social influencers, analysts, entrepreneurs, journalists, and other professionals had a chance to look at digital campaigns with social impact in a comprehensive way.

The first day had 15 talks on various topics such as identifying and engaging influencers, amplifying the reach, influencers reputation and personal branding, monitoring campaigns' impact and key metrics, fake influencers and negative influence, reaching audiences in a whole new way.
Artur Gurau
Franak Viańćorka
Maryna Dorosh
Lusine Barseghyan
Marianna Tanagia
Nikolai Kvantaliani
Stela Roman
Executive manager