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June 17. Demonstration of Serious Gaming multiplayer game Under Pressure

The inoculation theory asserts that when the mind is exposed to weakened doses of disinformation, it is later able to recognize it and therefore handle it better. He effectiveness of this has been proven in multiple studies. At Bad News Company, we have taken this theory and developed several serious games, in which the player learns to recognize online manipulation tactics and have fun while doing so. The multiplayer game Under Pressure is specifically developed to be used in classrooms. The game was a result of the PEGAP.  During this event, we will go into the theory behind the games and give demonstration to those present. 

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  • Lisa Poot, Project Officer, Bad News, The Netherlands
  • Jon Roozenbeek, Online games creator, researcher, DROG / Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge

Nikos Panagiotou, Associate Professor, Head of DCN Global, Greece

This event is co-organized by Digital Communication Network and World Learning and is part of DCNSEE’s Ideas in Action – Digital Engagement, a series of virtual events launched in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

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